Danielle Gordons Bay
“Hi there. Just wanted to say that after 11 days of using your product I am starting to see such good results on all 4 of my dogs! Their coats are looking so shiny and they just seem healthier overall. I also give 5ml to my 11 week old puppy. Thanks again for all your help and thank you for your excellent product 🙂

Megan Louw
Megan Louw Durbanville
“Happy Shiny Boy – I first started to use the Rooibos Crunch when he had an allergic reaction on his back, and have happily continued using it. Lovely Product https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v7/fd8/1.5/16/1f60a.png?”

Michelle Govender
Michelle Govender Durban

“I bought this from our local pet store when my boerbull’s foot pads started to cut. It worked beautifully. Very impressed with this product”

Cherie Beedles
Cherie Beedles Western Cape Rottweiler Club

I bought a bottle (of Rooibos Oil) from you for my 2 rottweilers at the dog dancing event in Muizenberg a few weeks back and am extremely impressed with how my dogs are doing on it, especially my bitch who is prone to getting itchy/hotspots. They are both looking glossy and gorgeous.

I belong to and am treasurer of the Cape Rottweiler Club, training at Chukker Road sports complex in Ottery.

rotweilers 2016

Carol & John Florence
Carol & John Florence 19th February 2015

I have a large mixed breed dog which had a very bad start in life.  Born in a squatter camp, she has a compromised immune system, is highly strung and has residual mange. Over 3 years we have tried just about every product on the market – those suggested/prescribed by vets and  herbal supplements galore… I was prepared to try anything!!

She has regularly lost more than 70% of her fur – is highly allergic to fleas, rice and (I suspect) dry grass…..and often had an ugly rash too. I have spent more on my poor needy “child” than I’ve ever spent on any animal – with no obvious permanent result evident.

I have added Rooibos and Chamomile Infusion to her food for the past 6 weeks and am excited to report that she is much improved and looking really good. Her rash is GONE and fur thick and shiny.  LONG may this last as I am holding thumbs we have FINALLY found the answer!!!

I have also been giving our older dog – a 14 year old labby/boxer mix – a dessertspoonful daily.    SHE too is looking wonderful, her coat again soft and shiny.  BEST of all, the oil seems to have given her new life as it seems to have helped her aging, arthritic joints.


testi Carol & John Florence

Ray Nolan
Ray Nolan Solien Energy Solutions

“I have been using the Rooibos and Chamomile infused oil for nearly 3 weeks and the results have been fantastic.

I have 3 large dogs. A 10yr old female Mastiff with stiff and swollen joints, an 8 yr old male Ridgeback cross Labrador and a 4 yr old female Labrador. As we live alongside a Forest we are inundated with ticks and fleas, which irritate all 3 dogs skin horribly. After only a few days I began to notice a considerable change in all 3 dogs. They were livelier, shinier and were definitely scratching a lot less. Within 2 weeks, I had different dogs altogether. Healthier, yet far more relaxed and able to just lie still without scratching and constantly gnawing at themselves. The older female Mastiff was able to move easier and her front elbow joints are less swollen.

To top it off all 3 dogs love the taste and I can see in their eyes as they beg me to pour on just a little more. As a treat they get a splash in their empty bowls which they then lap up vigorously.

It is a wonderful medicine and food, which is convenient to use and works like an absolute treat. Simon and Wynter, Scooby and Rosey and Keelah  say Thank you!

Testimonial dogs

Mitchell Gie
Mitchell Gie Managing Director, ePromo South Africa - Cape Town

“We are writing to you to thank you for your new Rooibos Shampoo product.

We are actually quite fussy when it comes to what we wash our dogs with. We found that with most other shampoos we used never really lathered too well and went through a lot to get the job done. We wanted something natural and longer lasting, so we then started using the Buku bar of soap, which was good.

We have been using one of your other fantastic products… the anti-itch for our Bull Dog as he has sensitive skin. Once we heard you brought out a shampoo, we had to give it a try.

Wow, we absolutely love it! It lathers really well, you don’t need to use as much as the other shampoos, it smells great and best of all, it is ALL natural.

We are converted and will now only use your shampoo. Thanks for a great product! We look forward to the next!

Sylvia De Klerk
Sylvia De Klerk Broad Oaks Kennels, Port Elizabeth - Eastern Cape
“All my dogs and cats love the Rooibos Oil and will drink it freely from a bowl!”
“Since I started selling this product for animals with allergies and scratching problems, I have had nothing but praise by my clients. As the product is very affordable, I have many regulars, which literally tell me, I would be afraid to stop – I have peace of mind with my beloved pet and it doesn’t break the bank”.

Thank you so much for a natural remedy that works.”

LAILA SHRAND Production Co-Ordinator - MiaFilms
“The rooibos anti itch for animals has been the best thing that I could have done for my dog. He has stopped scratching and is not red, inflamed or irritated anymore. He gets 2 tablespoons per day and loves it! Within days of starting the oil, he showed an improvement. One month later and he looks amazing. Your product is incredible and I recommend it to any one that has an animal that has skin problems. Kind regards and many many thanks”

Adv. Ilse C. Loots
Adv. Ilse C. Loots State Advocate - Office of the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions - PE
“I took my older Jack Russel named Candy, who is now 10 years old, off all the antibiotics and prednisone. I only give her the Rooibos inti-itch. The skin allergy is not gone but it is under control. The one paw still looks bad because she keeps on chewing it. But, to my big surprise, their overall health improved. They have much more energy and one can see they are feeling good. Previously Candy could not keep up when we go for our Saturday walk on the beach. I had to carry her for long distances. Now she keeps up, even runs, and I only carry her for the last bit. This is a great improvement. So all in all, I think it is a good product. I think I should try it myself. Maybe my tail will start wagging again.”
Bianca Malherbe
Bianca Malherbe Operations Manager, Cat Box Pet Hyper - Johannesburg

“I am using Rooibos on my Golden Retriever puppy, who’s almost 4 months now. She’s been itching very badly since we got her. She scratched her tummy till it bled. After about a week on Rooibos, she just stopped scratching!!!   As a pet owner I am soooo grateful for natural & harmless products that work, and as a buyer in the pet industry, I can now recommend Rooibos with the fullest confidence in the product!!!”


Absolutely LOVE these products! Our little guy has skin issues…he itches a lot! And although his diet has changed, after rounds of cortisone and antihistamine shots, the thing that does the trick is a Rooibos and Camomile bath with Rooibos Aromatics – skin care for Animals shampoo. He might not like the bathing part but afterwards he is so happy that he isn’t itchy anymore!

Ilse Fourie‎ to Rooibos Aromatics

“I have been using your oil on my Mexican Hairless who battles with allergies & has itched & scratched all the time I’ve had her. I started by putting it in her food & am now rubbing it on her skin- it’s made a huge difference in her comfort levels. From there I started using it on myself as I battle with Psoriasis and my latest & greatest news is….. I brushed it through my newborns scalp before washing his hair 3 times and his cradle cap is gone!! 🙂 amazing natural product I feel safe to use for my whole family! Thank you!”

Laina Jordan‎ to Rooibos Aromatics

I adopted a rescue puppy at the beginning of this year – he had mange – his little immune system was so compromised that he suffered with a terrible itchy rash and was put onto multiple courses of antibiotics and cortisone – I came across your product about 4 months ago and his itch stopped within a few week of adding this to his food – he has a beautiful shiny coat and is itch free. Amazing product

Wendy McFarlane‎ to Rooibos Aromatics

“I gladly recommend your products; the Shampoo with ‘rooibos & chamomile ‘ is so soft and without the toxic chemicals. I use it for my hair to ?but our Pug has the softest hair and no itching afterwards.

Eddie Elie Vanpachtenbeke  to Rooibos Aromatics