About Rooibos Aromatics

Rooibos Aromatics was started in 1998 by Lalage Worsthorne, who developed a herbal oil supplement for animals which was then known as “Rooibos Anti-itch”. Since then a range of products have been developed from that one unique recipe, using Rooibos tea, Chamomile flowers and now Moringa leaf infused with various natural oils, all rich in anti-oxidants and healing qualities. The focus is on helping animals who suffer from itchy skin, naturally, thus doing away with the need for the allopathic cortisone treatment which has detrimental side effects with long-term use.

Lalage qualified as an aromatherapist long before it became as popular a healing modality as it is today.  Through this knowledge, she developed a tissue oil for humans to help eczema and psoriasis. The base of this oil was an infusion of Rooibos leaves and Chamomile flowers.

Each time Lalage started making the infusion, Gingerbits would show intense interest in what she was doing, sniffing at the oil and not leaving the stove side, watching the whole process. Lalage, being so in-tune with her animals, realized that Gingerbits was asking for a taste of the oil.
Knowing that it was full of only good, healthy stuff, she gave her little cat a small spoonful. Ginger lapped it up and a spoonful of Rooibos oil became a daily treat for her.

Over the following weeks, Lalage noticed that Ginger’s skin, which had always been an issue, was looking better than ever. Her coat was silky and smooth for the first time in years. Lalage could only attribute this to her Rooibos infusion.  She started trying it out on other animals who had skin issues, and lo and behold it worked wonders.

Eventually people started buying the oil from her and “Rooibos Anti-itch for Animals” was born. Since then this tried and tested product which is a delicious infusion of pure, organic rooibos and chamomile has helped thousands of animals from hamsters to horses ease their itches, saving them from a lifetime on cortisone or other medications.

Lalage passed away in 2009. Not wanting this wonderful product to die with her, her daughter Wynter Worsthorne (well-known Animal Communicator) carried on with the making and selling of the Rooibos and Chamomile Oil.

Wynter’s husband, Simon Jamieson came on board in 2010 and has taken over the marketing and sales side, helping to grow the business so the products can help animals all over the country.

In 2012 the company “Rooibos Aromatics (Pty) Ltd” was registered, and the oil and all subsequent products have been registered with South Africa’s Department of Agriculture under Act 36 of 1947. This means that they are all legitimately available from Vets and Pet Shops, as recognised by the ‘V-number’ displayed on every product.

Beware of imitations

There are similar products on the market claiming to be our Rooibos anti-itch oil, but are inferior copies that have not been tried and tested as the ORIGINAL “Rooibos Anti-Itch for animals” has. Please note that for registration purposes we have had to change the name from “Rooibos Anti-itch” to “Rooibos & Chamomile Infused Oil