Rooibos Crunch

ROOIBOS Crunch, with Organic Rooibos and Chamomile

All the goodness of  the Rooibos Oil is now in a tasty treat full of the goodness of rooibos leaves, chamomile flowers and grapeseed oil - and now, Wheat-Free too!

Over the last 20 years the Rooibos & Chamomile Oil for animals has really taken off. This 100% natural product has proved incredibly effective on itchy skins throughout South Africa. Vets are even recommending it before trying the usual allopathic cortisone.

The process of creating the product means we infuse the complete dried flowers and tea leaves in the oils, the result is a by-product of pure rooibos and chamomile which still retains 60% or more of the good nutrients. The Rooibos Crunch is quite simply the raw nutritious by-product. Our Rooibos tea is 100% Organic, thus ensuring that the nutritional value is not compromised by pesticides and other nasties. Amazingly enough, animals seem to enjoy this slightly sludgy mix just as it is – a few teaspoons over their food adds interest and dogs will lap it up. Knysna Elephant Park are experimenting with giving it to their elephants as an additive to their feed, and they love it!

Many horse lovers add it to the horses' food as a supplement for the taste, nutrition and many good properties.



Rooibos Crunch is packaged in pharmaceutical grade PET white plastic containers, which are 100% recyclable.

These sizes are commonly available:
2, 5 & 10 litre.


Sprinkle over the food. As a tasty addition and to provide supplementary nutrition that is known to  boost the immune system. The Crunch is often used to hide the taste of food that the animal might not otherwise like to eat.

For Cats;  leave a little on a saucer and they will eat as much as they like.

For Dogs;  sprinkle a dessertspoon over wet food once or twice a day.

For Horses;  add a cup-full a day to feed, or just give them a hand-full as a treat!

For Birds;  leave a small amount in a separate bowl for them to help themselves, or sprinkle over seeds.